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Safer Spaces, Safer Communities

Your Trusted AI Guard

Experience enhanced security and community well-being with SENTINEL, our cutting-edge AI security solution. Safeguarding spaces, fostering safety, and promoting a stronger community.

Remote Workforce Management Solution

Easily manage your remote or lone workers scheduling, timesheets and safety compliance through a centralized platform; utilizing real time GPS tracking and AI behavioural analysis.

Power of Sight

computer vision Technology

Revolutionize your operations with our cutting-edge computer vision solutions. Unlock insights and drive data-driven decisions with ease; featuring state-of-the-art human counting and face recognition capabilities


Unlock the potential of visual data with our computer vision-powered solutions
Face Recognition

Utilize advanced facial recognition technology to track the identity of individuals who entered your premises. Track the movements of your visitors or staffs, to ensure the safety and security of your venues or to track attendance and timeliness. Leverage your CCTVs in place with biometric capabilities.

People Tracking

Gain insights to your business like never before. Get to know what your customers prefer, and understand their behaviours. Make crucial decisions to optimize your business by gathering footfall data; scale your business venue space according to crowd data analytics; improve your service where possible by identifying queue lines or hotspots. 


Easily set up a full fledge computer vision solution within the shortest possible time. Our Vision AI solution is made to be adoptable and easy to set up, getting your business computer vision ready even without computer vision techies and experts.

Easy to Get Started

Computer vision at the tip of your fingers. A few clicks is all it takes to engage the power of vision AI from the Control Centre.

People Tracking Analytics

Ability to gain insight to crowd details of a field of vision; easing crowd control, and data analytics.

Facial Recognition

Do facial recognitions on anyone crossing into your camera’s field of vision; for security and tracking.

API Integration

Readily made to play along well with third party solutions. Easily integrate with SENTINEL to leverage vision AI.

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Unlock the power of sight with the help of cutting-edge computer vision

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