Face Recognition

HEXABYN Vision AI - Face Recognition offers a reliable face detection and recognition for the use of controlling access, attendance and movement tracking, and security purposes.

Adapts to Existing Infrastructure

You will not need to revamp your entire infrastructure. HEXABYN Vision AI is a near “plug-n-play” solution that can tap into your existing infrastructure.

3rd Party API Integrations

Easily integrate and leverage the power of Vision AI for any of your use cases or purposes.

Low Entry Level

Subscription based per facial profile ensures that you only pay as you scale, with  minimum paid up investments.

Kiosk Application

Comes with a kiosk application that can be used for user check in; leveraging facial recognition capabilities.

Flexible Deployment

HEXABYN Vision AI can be deployed anywhere. You will have full control of the data and how or where it is stored.

Access Control Management

Leverage facial recognition capabilities to manage your access control. Secure venues, or assets by cross referencing individuals’ facial biometrics.¬†

Attendance or Visitor Tracking

Know who’s who, and where an individual is when they check in into your venue, either as a visitor or as your staff. Get real time insights and have full control over their identity management.


Facial biometric tracking through cameras within a venue is more efficient compared to traditional methods.


Facial biometrics are the cheapest reliable method for ensuring security. Facial biometrics are spoof-resistant.

All-in-one Platform for Identity Management

Gain access to an all-in-one platform to manage identities of individuals of concern to keep your venues and assets secure. Easily pull out logs of individuals who have accessed an area.

Leverage The Power of Vision AI

Superpower your business with HEXABYN Vision AI today; get in touch with us or request for a demo