People Tracking

HEXABYN Vision AI - People Tracking features a 99.5%* accurate people detection for retails, factories, and high traffic flow venues for the use of analytics, mitigation, and prevention.

* Tested on false positive cases

Adapts to Existing Infrastructure

You will not need to revamp your entire infrastructure. HEXABYN Vision AI is a near “plug-n-play” solution that can tap into your existing infrastructure.

3rd Party API Integrations

Easily integrate and leverage the power of Vision AI for any of your use cases or purposes.

Low Entry Level

Subscription based per video channel ensures that you only pay as you scale, with  minimum paid up investments.

Actionable Insights

Comes with a data analytical dashboard which provides valuable insights to help you make data-driven decisions that improve revenue and customer satisfaction.

Flexible Deployment

HEXABYN Vision AI can be deployed anywhere. You will have full control of the data and how or where it is stored.

Footfall Analytics

Gain insights into how many visitors are entering your venues in real time. Understand when is peak time, and when the crowd swells or shrinks. Jump in promptly to analyze possible enhancement to be made; either to mitigate crowd, or to generate more footfall traffic. 

Understand Your Customers

Know what your customers prefer, with data-driven reports that help you to identify preferred areas of your retail space. Improve your customers’ experience by having stores or products easily accessible.


of shoppers said they are more likely to purchase from a retailer if they have a physical store in a convenient location.


of sales increment, for stores located in high traffic areas, compared to low traffic areas.

Eagle-eye View of Your Business

You have been on the ground, but do you know in entirety how is your retail space performing? Get insights to heatmaps and data analytical reports. Truly understand and be closer to your retail business from a more wholesome perspective.

Leverage The Power of Vision AI

Superpower your retail business with HEXABYN Vision AI today; get in touch with us or request for a demo