Security Made Accessible

SENTINEL is our solution to provide facial recognition technology to everyday businesses and needs by providing a near ‘Plug-n-Play’ biometrics as a service, that can be catered to any scenarios.

Bridging the gap between mankind and technology via biometrics solution.

Purely Software Driven

SENTINEL is a purely software driven solution that allows for easy integration to any existing setup.

Get started with a fully working facial recognition-enabled system on any platform or machine; with a bare minimum of a camera lens.

Existing SENTINEL Powered Solutions


Using biometrics to track the attendance of staffs.

Automate the process of tracking the attendance of your workforce accurately.


Keep your assets and data safe, by authorizing through biometrics.

To only ensure those who are authorized to gain access to sensitive assets and data.


Track and manage the access of visitors.

Automate and secure your venues with the help of biometrics to determine visitor access rights.

Get started with SENTINEL

Leverage the face recognition technology to power your solutions today. As business needs may differ to one another, it is encouraged that we work through the requirements as needed, together.

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